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My Monday was colorful.
03 April, 2012 ✿ 3:35 AM ✿ 0 Love Messages

Assalamualaikkum! finally I am not lazy to update a little bit about today!
So I woke up in the morning to send dad off to work by the doorstep. It was raining so heavily,
that I was quite worried for mum and dad who left for work earlier..
Messaged everyone to be safe, and dad told me to sleep and leave the door open.

At about afternoon when I regained consious again, brother appeared and spent some time
annoying me before he left for an outing with his clique. He is so cuteeeeeee, I love my lil brother.

That is his name, and this is made of sequins and it was on his hat. Made them for him
for his birthday a few years back! :)

Later I took Sheikh from my mum downstairs and went up while he watched his
powerangers and I went to get ready. Mum didnt cook, so it was a perfect opportunity for
another banditto meal which coincidently was on offer! $5 only! Dont say I never share! XD

Sheikh started his school just now, and boy, he didnt cry! Love him so much!!

Changed into my specs cause my eyes were not behaving really well.

Song Jing Hyo is so smart and pretty. Beauty with brains, to be exact! :D

Met Bb at Bishan and I persuaded him to buy for me Canmake eyeshadow, cause
I just couldnt resist glitter! But I made a last minute rejection because of ...
I dont know? Maybe I thought I wasnt going to be wearing it a lot. & its too costly
for a tiny amount of shadow. I dropped my blusher too. In the end, BB bought for me
bodyleg panties which was on sale! :D Thank you tayang ~

Went back to the East and ate dinner.

We went to Giant and walked around and all ~ Bought pencil colors for Sheikh,
chocolate for myself, and a cheap but really really nice soft shawl :D
Abg Tam paid for me, thank you ^^ Went home with Abg Tam's scramber again,
and Bb got mad again :( ALAAAAAA. At least, you know who is the rider, and the rider
can be trusted, and I am right in front of your eyes. Better thn if I decided ... to secretly
ride someone's else's right? But nah, I wouldnt dare to risk my life... (:

Future Hijabis In Sha Allah ^^

Can I just be a blogger for passion, and a housewife/princess fulltime?
Time will tell, and I hope something great will happen soon. In Sha Allah.

May peace be upon you. 

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