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Assalamualaikkum! Hello everyone! AHHH! Its finally April, a new month! ^ ^
Hope its going to be a good month for you, me and all of us! :)
Do not be despair if it started out badly, for good times will come after!
Anyways, Bb brought me to a place where we passed by the other time, and I was
captivated by this swing hunging below from a very tall tree by the roadside. Haha.
But the roadside wasnt a main main roadside. Its kind of a deserted place?
Plus there were construction going on, so nothing really cool-"ing" about that place.
& yes, since it rained the night before, it was scorching hot on our way there!

Took a lot of pictures to begin with, but I always delete half of what I took because the rest
doesnt really look satisfying to my eyes! XD But thanks to Bb who managed to capture some
shitty and some pretty amazing pictures! Thank you :)

The swing is not tied with a rope but a springly one. Meaning you can bounce.
But erm, not really, because when Bb sat, it was almost touching the ground XD
Plus there were huge roots which hinder me from swinging back and front.

But I love how silent the place is, so its like, I can do whatever goodfy stuffs I want
infront of Bb! Haha. Of course there were trucks and lorries passing by, but they dont really
matter do they? Muahaha!

Some pictures with the one who never fails to bring me to exotic and interesting places!
My ideal romatic getaway is to go to somewhere were both are interested to explore
and learn the different culture there. I also like nature, so going to places full of greenery,
flowers, seas, animails really excites me! :D But I hate having to climb up for so long.

There was one time when Bb brought me to Tree Top Walk. I didnt know we had to
walk and walk and climb all the way to the top... Guess what I wore? Covered wedges?! I felt
like chopping off my feet after that! But I guess the trip was worth it, I met some exotic birds,
monkeys, a captiviating scene full of trees underneath me and the perfect weather just
make everything worth it! ^^ I am always thankful even though I may complain sometimes! XD

I bet you this place is scary when day turns into night. Its really seeled and abandoned.

Three is even a rusty chin up bar there! >.<

What makes this place even scarier is that the windows are open and the interior is pretty dark.
I was wondering and imagining if something is going to pop out >.< eeerrrkkk!!

Unplanned photo. Bb was taking too long, and so far, the pictures he took, half of them
were me closing my eyes, not ready, and in wrong poses! XD So I gave an angry
pout to him... Posted it anyways, since it looks fine in my eyes! XD

I am always, always, always thankful :)

Saw this huge ass tree!!

Love how my hair has always manage to stay in different colors! Lol.
But it looks more to copper-ish red to me here! :D

Bb and his goofy camera expressions!

Final few shots before we make our way to expo!

Love this shot above the most!

Anyways, headed down to expo after that, managed to bought three hot pink rose rings for
Syara, myself, and Siti. Went to walk around in the IT fair, and bought two dust caps.

After that, we headed back to the East, and Bb ordered pizza! Yumms! Favorite!! :D

Double Pepperoni!


Sarpinos Pizza. Buy one get one free. SGD 35.

Shall end my post here by posting Photo A Day. Will be posting this in Instagram ya! ^^
May peace be upon you, take care and I'll see you in my next post! :D

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